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by The Constant

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Acedia 02:56
Avaricia 02:35
Lost and astray Searching for their creator Mutilated bodies stacked in pain For an ideal merely insane A book can´t cause by itself Such doom and devastation Whole civilizations annihilated Just for greed and domination Massacring the lost souls You´re staining their faith (So much blood in your hands) Stolen wealths A imperium created Over dirt That with spilt blood Turns to quicksands No god will save you The sword of Damocles finally falls Headless bodies filled the floor Your legacy has come to an end.
Svperbia 03:42
Born, live, destroy and die From the beginning programed for competition Overcome everything and everyone Be the best, kill and torture if needed Make yourself noticed leave a mark Produce to feed vermin mercilessly Don´t pull of society’s path Don´t think Don´t judge Your life is written Achieve the goals set out To never feel full filled Breed beings without mind Rotten brains full of lies You aren´t comfortable There´s something wrong Try to escape, it´s too late Slaughterhouses are close You have no strength left to run away There´s no turning back Hang on your last breath Your last drop of life fades From your body escapes Your blood will be used to feed The mindless new born that will succeed
Lvxvria 06:57
Life devouring monster Dreams and ambitions never appeased You got to consume my life, my will You worn all my soul never able To satisfy your demons You were a bottomless pit impossible to fill Crushed by your necessity you took me to the limits Of mediocrity and decay totally absorbed my mind As tricked me insanity has taken over unable to react A finished thought, a finished thought All my life spent on you, it wasn´t enough You desire to possess even more made me tremble All hope is gone, there´s nothing left Not even sanity remains Putting an end to this is the only thing left Everything fades, as a light shines brighter No strength left to keep fighting When everything ends I will finally rest.
Ira 01:52
Looking for a way out Somewhere to put this frustrated feelings I need to convert this I have inside Before it turns to rage In a desire of destruction to end it all A spiral of hate capable of annihilating The remaining humanity in me There´s no place for comprehension I have no patience There´s no more room for good actions My compassion is vanishing Something is changing inside me A mistake I won´t make again This wrath consumes me.
Gvla 03:46
Drowned in a vanishing world It's easier than facing reality The suffering of others is never severe Anxious for every drop of death that is part of you Extinguish that thirst of self destruction Eclipsing every shed of life That lights a dark, cold path full of terrors and unfunded insecurities. Why bother when the false hope of inebriation gives what you supposedly need. One day you'll achieve nothing matters Then everything will be easier to endure Everything will dissipate in a soulless sigh full of regret. There'll be no turning back
Invidia 04:37
Sinking deeper. This weight is dragging me down Unbearable pressure on my chest Just can't carry on Getting out of reach My mind is getting sick It should be me You don't even care about such precious thing My hands would get dirty Just to touch some of that grace There's this monster inside of me Trying to contain it, suffering in vain. Getting out of reach My mind is getting sick It should be me You don't even care about such precious thing Why not me Why not me Why not me I'm falling apart Wondering Hoping Suffering In vain.


The Constant:
Vocals - Konse
Drums - Javi
Guitars - Sergio


released March 18, 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered
by Marcos Guerra at SinStudios




The Constant Gijón, Spain

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